E9500 Toolbox

The E9500 toolbox is a gas engine driven, revolving field, alternating current (AC) generator designed to supply electrical power for compatible electrical tools, motors, appliances, and lighting.

The E9500 is an enclosed generator which reduces its output sound levels and provides better protection for control panels. Additionally, there are two lockable compartments for storage of tools and additional hardware and accessories.

The E9500 operates at 120-volt and/or 240-volt, single phase, 60 Hz and will operate devices that require up to 7200 watts continuous and 8400 watts surge.


  • 420cc Gasoline Engine
  • Circuit Breaker Protection
  • Electric Start / Recoil Start
  • Steel Sleeve Cylinder
  • Copper Windings
  • Low Oil Shutdown


  • One Year Equipment Warranty
  • Two Year Engine Warranty


  • Maximum Output
  • Total Amperage
  • RPM
  • Receptacles
  • Noise Level
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Single Phase
  • Oil Capacity
  • Size
  • Net Weight
  • Approximate Run Time
E9500 Manual