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The production plants are located in the upstate area of South Carolina and are based in Travelers Rest, a northern suburb of Greenville, South Carolina that is historically known as the heart of the textile industry in the United States. In an age when American production and manufacturing companies have been either closing down or moving their; operations to other countries, American Fab continues to be a pioneering force that is dedicated to respecting American labor, American production, and the American way of life.


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American Fab (hereinafter “WARRANTOR”) products are warranted as follows: The WARRANTOR, at its election, will repair or replace any part or parts of the engine or equipment that are found to be defective in material and workmanship or both, under normal use and maintenance, free of charge for the periods specified below. Freight charges on parts submitted for repair or replacement under this warranty must be paid by the purchaser.

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Our solid reputation and commitment to our customers for decades are proof we have stood the test of time. American Fab is dedicated to providing our customers with the Best Light Industrial equipment on the market today.

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The rugged, dependable user-friendly equipment we produce is Industrial Strength. It is built to insure our customers enjoy many years of great service.

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Macle Tech parts & service  Department has Outstanding Customer Service. Their goal each day is to provide helpful and courteous service to our customers should they have a problem or question.

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Our Research and Development Team work diligently to develop innovative products based on the needs of our customers. With patent protected designs we continue to strive to release cutting-edge, industry-leading, and superior quality equipment.